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Lessons Learned trailer.

Toby Froud, son of Brian Froud (designer behind The Dark Crystal & Labyrinth) has made his own film with Heather B. Henson (yep, that Henson).  I hope I get to see it.  I love this kind of shit!


Artist Brian Froud


Brian Froud, Part IV

(via wildhaunt)




Country of Origin: England

Training: Maidstone College of Art

Notable Works: Faeries (1979), The Dark Crystal (1982), Labyrinth (1986)

Inspired heavily by his surroundings in Dartmoor, Brian Froud is best known for his fantasy work, most notably in the realm of faeries, goblins, and other creatures from Celtic folklore. Perhaps most famously, he worked with Jim Henson to develop the characters, look, and feel to two fantasy movies, The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth, which heavily featured (and in the case of the Dark Crystal, exclusively) the use of puppetry. He is married to Wendy Froud, a doll maker and designer who also produces faerie-inspired work.

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